Selected Current Investments

Transas is a globally recognized brand in the maritime sector and one of the fastest growing companies in the industry. The product offerings of Transas include shore based systems, onboard equipment, fleet management solutions, training and simulation devices.

View Inc. is the pioneer in large-scale architectural dynamic glass. The company designs, manufactures, and sells a new generation of architectural dynamic glass that intelligently adjusts in response to external conditions and user preferences, enabling unparalleled control over the amount of light and heat that enters a building. View Dynamic Glass provides continuously unobstructed views without heat or glare, creating a new level of occupant comfort and natural light while dramatically reducing building energy consumption.

Crocus develops and manufactures MRAM (magnetoresistive random-access memory) – new type of memory technology which combines traditional semiconductor and advanced magnetic technologies, resulting in memory chips that offer the benefits of well-established semiconductor memories, such as DRAM, SRAM and Flash, without their key limitations. Crocus’ MRAM chips offer high speed read/write performance, unlimited write cycles and low voltage operation of DRAM and SRAM along with non-volatility and low cost of Flash.

Emulate is a company focused on commercializing Organs-on-Chips as an automated human bioemulation platform that achieves a new standard for mimicking true human physiology so that responses to medicines, chemicals and diseases can be accurately predicted. Through co-innovation with collaborators and internal programs, Emulate is advancing product innovation, design and safety across a range of applications in drug development, personalized medicine, agriculture and chemical-based consumer products.

ARMO BioSciences is a biopharmaceutical company that develops immunotherapies for the treatment of Cancer, Cardiovascular Diseases, Fibrosis and Inflammation.

Maritime Bank focuses on providing various financial products to small and medium enterprises in Russia with an emphasis on maritime and transportation industries. The bank has been operating in Russia for over 25 years.

International Aviation Academy (IAA) participates in establishing an international pilot training center in Moscow in close cooperation and partnership with Boeing Corp utilizing state-of-the-art simulation and training technologies. IAA is located in Skolkovo Innovation Center and also serves as one of Boeing’s research and development centers.

Using fleets of sailing drones, AMS collects and transmits hydrographic data across the surface of the globe.

Selected Completed Investments

Kronshtadt Group is one of the leading Russian providers of engineering and software solutions for aerospace and other industries.

Far Eastern Shipping Company (FESCO) is a publicly traded Russian transportation and logistics company (MCX:FESH). The Company combines sea, rail, road transportation, port and inland infrastructure to offer its clients integrated solutions for containers, general, project cargo and vehicles. IIG sold its share in FESCO to the consortium of TPG, Summa Group and GHP Group in 2012.

Netherlands based manufacturer of parts and systems for full flight  simulators for professional flight training.

Russian Alcohol Group was one of the largest players in the Russian spirits industry with a portfolio of market leading brands and a strong distribution network. IIG sold its stake in RAG to Polish CEDC and Lion Capital in 2008.

Thommen Aircraft Equipment has been supplying the global aircraft industry with Swiss quality instruments and equipment since 1936. Company's product line includes classic mechanical cockpit instrumentation, aircraft clocks and chronographs, air data displays, air data computers and recently  introduced helicopter searchlights.

Agromash Holding is a leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery and equipment in Russia. The company accounts for roughly 45% of Russian harvester production, 35% of tractor production and 60% of diesel engine production.